HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HiiT is a very effective way of burning fat and improving your fitness - in a shorter class time.  You no longer need to go jogging or cycling for hours in long sessions of cardio.  HiiT incorporates bursts (eg 50 seconds) of high intensity activity, followed by a brief rest (eg 10 seconds) and we repeat this pattern during the short 30 minutes class.


If you can walk you can do HiiT.  All the exercises can be modified.  Do you want to push your body?  Then you would advance the movements to include burpees and jumps?  Don't fancy these, then no problem.  A jump can be modified to a march, and a burpee can be modified to simple steps back and forth.  The great thing about HiiT is that everyone can feel successful - whatever your fitness level.


Join the Achieva team in a fast paced but achievable and successful HiiT session.

Monday – 7.30pm Cox Green Community Centre 

Saturday - 8.30am Cox Green Community Centre



£25 pcm limited live membership & Online

£20 pcm Online only membership

£7 = pay as you go single class.


Payments can be made online via our website, www.achievapilates.co.uk  You can also pay cash, cheque or card in class.  Bank transfer details are available from Liz on request.