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Achieva Fitness


At Achieva, we love to make exercise fun.  If you enjoy what you are doing then you are far more likely to participate regularly.  Whether live in person or live online, by working out together, we motivate each other to work hard and keep going.  And if you can't make a class than we have our on-demand library so you can work out at a time that suits you.  With the familiarity of an instructor you know and trust.

We offer the following classes:

Dance Fit -  Simple, fun, dance fitness routines, suitable for all levels.  Fresh music to dance, have fun and burn calories. 

Dance aerobic routines followed by a strength set to get your whole body working. 

Wednesday, 7pm-8pm at Wessex and Friday, 9.30am-10.30am at Woodlands Park Village Centre.

Dance Fit FUSE - Taking all the fun of Dance Fit but mixing up the class format so that the dance is mixed in with the strength.

Tuesday, 7pm-8pm at Wessex.

Pilates - A combination of Pilates and mobility with some yoga sprinkled in as well. 

A restorative class, perfect to end your day. 

Tuesdays 8.10pm - 9pm at Wessex Primary School.


Clothing and equipment - for Dance Fit - Sports wear, trainers, yoga mat and optional weights.  

Water is advised for all classes to stay hydrated.


 Please check our online booking system for availability for each class.


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