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At Achieva Pilates & Fitness we work hard all year round to improve our health, fitness and wellness.  You may choose to set yourself new years resolutions, but here at Achieva we are looking at the whole year ahead.  Achieva Strong 2018. 

January – Variety, try something new!

In January, set yourself a goal of trying a new type of fitness.  At Achieva we offer 6 different types of fitness classes from the more holistic Pilates and PiYo, through to Dance Fit, Zumba and Clubbercise and also HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Commit to attending classes and see your strength and fitness develop.


February – Be Kind

Make a goal to be kind to yourself and to others.  Use positive affirmations to increase your self-confidence.  Also, try to be kind to others.  Compliment your friends, family and colleagues.  Turn negative chat into positive chat and support one another.


March – Set a strength goal

The idea is to set the wheels in motion this month with an aim to work on this throughout the year and complete by December.  It may be 10 full burpees, it may be a full chin up, or 20 push ups in a row.  Perhaps it’s more of an endurance goal, maybe completing a 5k, 10k or even more.  Decide what goal you are working towards and start!


April – Fill your fitness week

Yes you can work out every day!  Why not! But plan your exercise so that it is varied, works all the different muscle groups and you are not overloading on just one area.  For example, you may choose 3 dance fitness classes per week, 2 PiYo classes and then the final 2 days are some light yoga inspired stretches at home.  Boom 7 days of fitness!

If you do not wish to do 7 days then set your own goal.  3-4 sessions of exercises is great for everyone to get moving and keep healthy and well.


May – Give Thanks

Find a notebook and each day during May write down something you are thankful for.  Feel the positivity flow as you document all the good things around you this month.


June – Look at your nutrition

Make it a goal to look at the foods you are eating.  Are they helping to fuel your body correctly?  Cooking from scratch, ditching the processed foods and eating lots of vegetables, good quality protein and a balanced diet will help you to feel your best and give you tons of energy.


July – Get outside

Whilst the weather is warmer get outside.  Grab your trainers and walk to work.  Get your bike out at the weekend for a family cycle ride, go for a walk in the countryside.  Get outside and enjoy the freshness in the air.  Maybe we can take some classes outside too!


August – Accountability Partner 

It’s very easy to let your hard work during the year fall away when you are on summer holidays.  Absolutely enjoy yourself but have an accountability partner where you can support each other.  Encourage each other to go to summer classes, support each other with positivity and encouragement.  Sharing your strength with another person will keep you feeling positive and focused and keep you on track.


September – Affirmations 

September is a great month to check in with your goals for the year.  Remind yourself that you choose to feel strong, remind yourself every day that you choose positivity.  Write down some positive quotes and read them aloud to yourself.  Most importantly remember ‘I am enough.’


October – Learn something new 

This does not have to be fitness related, you can try something completely different, but keep your brain active and keep setting yourself new challenges.  If fitness goals are your thing then recheck back to January when you were trying new things, what did you enjoy the most? Push yourself to try new exercises, you may be a cardio queen, but maybe your body is calling out for some holistic classes to balance out your body and feel the benefits of stretch and relaxation?


November – Prehab 

Look after your body.  Learn how to stretch and release your muscles after a workout.  Foam or grid rollers are an excellent way to release tight muscles, and add Epsom salts to your hot bath to ease tired muscles.  Now is also a great time to check progress on your strength goal from March.


December – Share the positivity 

Adopt more charitable habits, give something back!  Help out in your local community, create a food parcel for someone in need, support friends and family who may need some positivity.  When you are feeling strong take notice of those around you who need uplifting.  By caring and sharing your positive power we will all benefit. 


At the end of the year congratulate yourself on a great job.  Feeling strong, feeling proud and ready to face 2019 with strength and a smile.

(Achieva Strong 2018 was inspired by Pop Sugar I am Strong Challenge)